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That’s because I’ve officially launched my new site and organizing biz, Life is Organized, and I am so super psyched for you to see what all the excitement’s about.  

But first off, let me tell you how much I truly appreciate your support.  Whether you’ve been following me for a while or are a newbie, I know your time is important and valuable.  And the fact that you’ve taken the time to read my emails and watch my videos is, invaluable to me.  

To be honest, when I started Organizing it was a hobby — a way to spend a few hours of my time while my kids were in school.  But soon I realized how incredibly fulfilling it was and that I could pursue this organizing thing as a real career.  

Fast forward a year and my husband told me I should start a blog to share my knowledge. And you know what I did?  I googled “blog”.  Because I honestly didn’t even get what it was.  (I don’t know that I’ve ever told anyone that before!)  

Next thing I knew I was taking online video tutorials on how to set up and use WordPress (the most popular blogging platform).  I hired someone to train me and took a bunch of online marketing classes.   And somewhere around that time I had my seven year old son record me on my iphone (“How To Organize Your Sheets”) and I uploaded my first organizing video. 

Half of me cringes when I see that shaky video with my head cut off and my son’s finger in the way of the lens but the other half of me feels so proud that I took that scary plunge and been evolving ever since. 

Every week when I press “send” on these emails and videos I get this queasy feeling in my stomach wondering if anyone will watch, be interested or get my quirky sense of humor. 🙂  Seriously.  Every single week I’m as nervous as uploading that first “sheet” video. 

But then you read, you watch, you share and the ultimate–you comment, and I get this incredible surge of happiness that at least one person has resonated with something I’ve said.  And more importantly, I’m reassured that I can make a difference in this world.

So for that, I sincerely thank you.  I don’t take your time or effort for granted.  

And with that encouragement I’ve poured my heart and soul into creating a really exciting, and hopefully super motivational, place for you — Life is Organized.  It’s an online organizing resource hub with tons of awesome information and tools to get your home, time and entire life organized.

There are a lot of cool goodies like online organizing tutorials and training, worksheets, new weekly videos and the always loved, organizing checklists. 

And just for checking it out,  you’ll get a 5-day FREE organizing workshop  called “Organize Like A Freakin’ Pro”.  Yes, the New Yorker in me continues to shine through!  

Please watch my short video to hear the deets (and see my new baby!) or if you can’t wait get on over to and sign up for your free video series. 

Thank you again for your amazing support. 

With much love and appreciation. XOXO,


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