Home Organization


I know how paralyzing a room of clutter, a pile of papers or even a single item can make you feel. 

I’m here to help you take action.

With my expertise and your commitment we can transform your home into an oasis of serenity and enjoyment.  (Seriously.  I wouldn’t joke about that).

The best part?  My services are available to you no matter where you’re located.  I provide hands-on organizing services in the local area as well as virtual organizing consultation to anywhere in the world.  (Rock on!)

Simply call or email me for a FREE consultation (with no commitment) where we’ll:

  1. Talk on the phone.  I’ll ask questions about your organizing project, what’s working and what’s not, how you’re feeling and your time and availability.  You ask me questions about my areas of expertise, my experience and even my kids if you want.  Lets be sure that we’re a good fit.
  2. Go onsite.  If we agree it’s best to meet before making any commitments, we’ll meet at your home or business (FOR FREE) to assess your needs and get to know each other even better.  (This is for local clients only.  Virtual friends, I’m happy to assess your space over SKYPE).
  3. Schedule an appointment.  If you feel that we’re a good fit, (or that the Universe has simply called us together), we’ll schedule an organizing session.  Sessions are usually 2-4 hours long.
  4. Live happier!  Enjoy freedom from your stuff, love more time in your schedule, and embrace positive energy in your life.

I’d love to help you.  Below are just some of the services I offer:

HOME MANAGEMENT. Imagine your home as an orderly place where things run smoothly and efficiently, without stress or chaos.  I can help you create and maintain easy and customizable systems throughout your home to make this dream a reality. *Kitchens/Pantries * Closet Organization and Storage * Garages * Office Organization * Basements/Attics * Playrooms *  Family/Living Rooms * Holiday Decorations *

TIME MANAGEMENT. Find the time in your day to get things done!  We’ll develop personalized schedules that fit your goals and commitments.  Learn strategies on how to make your time efficient and effective, without all the stress!  * Schedules * Personal/Family/Work Commitments * Multi-Tasking *

OFFICE MANAGEMENT. Have a home based office?  Or work in a business outside of your home? Either way, organizing your folders, papers, time and schedule can be challenging. Learn practical and valuable organizational systems to make your space and time efficient and productive!  *Office Organization* Filing Systems* Schedules* Desk Organization* Paper Management* Technology Integration*

CLUTTER CONTROL. Picture yourself in your home being able to find what you want, when you want it.  I can help you eliminate clutter and chaos, and bring serenity to your life.  * Papers * Clothes * Toys * Furniture * Junk * Memorabilia * Electronics * Tools *

PAPER MANAGEMENT. Wouldn’t you love to be able to find a particular piece of paper, receipt or other important document exactly when you need it?  Let me help you keep your papers and life in order.  Save time, energy & frustration and gain peace of mind. * Filing Systems * Paperwork * Receipts * Kids Papers/Artwork * Documents * Passports *

PHOTO ORGANIZATION. I specialize in organizing and preserving your most precious memories. Whether you’re inundated with boxes of prints or overwhelmed with thousands of digital photos, I can help you create an organized system for all your photos.  I can also preserve all your memories by scanning your prints so you can save and pass them on for generations to come.  I provide techniques for safe and effective photo storage and sharing.  * Organize Prints/Digital Photos * Scanning * Photo Books * Computer Back Up *

MEMORABILIA. I also specialize in preserving and sharing memories through a variety of personalized and customized memorabilia.  I can even create DVDs for special occasions.  * Personalized DVD’s * Photo Books/Scrap Books * Video Slideshows * Photo Calendars *

HOME STAGING. In this competitive market you need to do everything you can to get your home ready to sell. Buyers will imagine what their life will be like living in your home.  My strategies can help increase the perceived value of your home and get it sold faster.  *Create Space * Eliminate Clutter * Transform Rooms * Arrange Furniture and Lighting *

MOVING. Moving can be a very stressful time, but also a time to start fresh. Let me help you streamline your home as you move out…and organize your new home as you move in.  * Storage Solutions * Packing/Unpacking * Junk Removal * Organizing New Space *


I’d love to chat about your situation
Contact me, Mridu Parikh, at 615-469-1700 or mridu@memoriesorganized.com

What Clients Say:

About Videos: “Mridu, you did an outstanding job creating my husband’s 40th birthday montage.  It far exceeded all my expectations.  You were able to create a hilarious video that we played at the birthday party in front of 100 people and every single person was glued to the projector screen.  People are still talking about the video months later.  Thank you, Mridu, for making my husband’s birthday party so memorable.  -MONA M.
About Home Organization: “Thanks again for helping last week! The laundry room is so much better and my paper problems have been solved by that filing system!” -ANNE F.
About Closets: “I am so grateful for Mridu’s help with organizing our closets and dressers.  As we were expecting a baby and needed to make room for her, our old 1920’s home just didn’t have the closet space for everything we had.  Mridu had such wonderful ideas I had never thought about before.” -EMILY E.

About Organizing Photos: “Our family is obsessed with the new digital pics. My kids had never seen my baby pictures before. It was a trip.” -KIRK G.
About Clearing Paper: “The filing system by the back door is great—rocking my world!” -PEPPER M.

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