Meet Mridu

mridu parikh  [mri-thu par-eek]

Although my name is complicated, my life is pretty simple. That’s because I’m addicted to organizing!  And when I’m not organizing my own life, you can usually find me simplifying someone else’s. You might take advantage of my expertise because:

  • You’re just not “wired” to organize. (Stick with me long enough and you’ll be color coding your spices!)
  • You know how to organize but need the motivation and discipline to get it done. (Just think of me as your personal trainer).
  • You’re frustrated and need fresh advice on creating a system that really works. (No one time use here. We are talking long-term solutions, baby).

No matter why you’re feeling frazzled, I’m your lady to help you get your life in order. As your personal organizer, I’ll create systems that work for you…with your goals in mind, customized to the way you think and within your space and budget. I’m all about getting things done and seeing results. I believe an organizing system should simplify your life, not complicate it.  So if we’re going to work together you should know that I use technical jargon like, “easy peasy systems” and “take a clutter time out!”

If you’d like to know about me personally, here’s a little bit about who I am.  In 2005 my sweet husband’s job brought us from New York City to Nashville, which we’ve grown to Professional Organizer Nashvillelove. I have two darling boys who give me plenty of organizing material to work with on a daily basis. (That’s an understatement). And Memories Organized allows me to put my talents to use outside of my home. My philosophy is that an organized home is not about looking perfect, but rather running well.

And as much as I love to organize our home, I’m equally geeky about organizing our pictures too. It actually excited me to get all our prints out of shoe boxes and into photo boxes. (Seriously, I wouldn’t joke about something like that). And after organizing our years of digital pics, I immersed myself in creating photo memorabilia. Preserving our memories was just as important as having our home running efficiently.

Alleviating stress and chaos from your life is what keeps me loving my job. So whether it’s tearing apart a garage, creating new memorabilia or providing motivation to get you going, organizing is something I’m passionate about. I would love the opportunity to help you enjoy your home and memories too.

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What Clients Say:

About Videos: “Mridu, you did an outstanding job creating my husband’s 40th birthday montage.  It far exceeded all my expectations.  You were able to create a hilarious video that we played at the birthday party in front of 100 people and every single person was glued to the projector screen.  People are still talking about the video months later.  Thank you, Mridu, for making my husband’s birthday party so memorable.  -MONA M.
About Home Organization: “Thanks again for helping last week! The laundry room is so much better and my paper problems have mostly been solved by that filing system!” -ANNE F.
About Closets: “I am so grateful for Mridu’s help with organizing our closets and dressers.  As we were expecting a baby and needed to make room for her, our old 1920’s home just didn’t have the closet space for everything we had.  Mridu had such wonderful ideas I had never thought about before.” -EMILY E.

About Organizing Photos: “Our family is obsessed with the new digital pics. My kids had never seen my baby pictures before. It was a trip.” -KIRK G.
About Clearing Paper: “The filing system by the back door is great—rocking my world!” -PEPPER M.

Board Member of the National Association of Professional Organizers

For professional help with hoarding please go to:

Memories Organized LLC. Nashville, TN 37215. 615-469-1700

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