Custom Videos: Integrating Photos, Music, Captions & Videos

My multimedia videos rock!  Whether for milestone birthdays, graduations or other special occasions, my custom videos make for the most memorable and meaningful gifts ever.  I integrate music, custom comments, photos and videos to create unique and awesome mini-movies.  The only way to visualize it is to simply see for yourself.

Here are two example of 40th BIRTHDAY ROASTS:  You know, that opportunity to make fun of your loved one in front of their closest friends and family.  These are short clips of much longer videos.

BACKGROUND:  My client organized a gala event, (“Old Hollywood Theme”), for her husbands 40th birthday but was looking for a surprise that would deliver that “wow” factor.  She enlisted me to make this happen and by integrating special effects, humorous comments and entertaining music into a birthday DVD.  She requested close friends and family to send her birthday wishes.  This video was about 25 minutes long and took about 20 hours to complete.  (It’s been shortened to a 5-minute clip here).

“Mridu, you did an outstanding job creating my husband’s 40thbirthday montage.  It far exceeded all my expectations.  You were able to create a hilarious video that we played at the birthday party in front of over 100 people and every single person was glued to the projector screen.  People are still talking about the video months later.  Thank you,
Mridu,  for making my husband’s birthday party so memorable.  It was an absolute pleasure working with you.  No matter how impossible the request, you somehow managed to incorporate everything I wanted and more.  My favorite additions were your clever comments and edits!  This really made video unforgettable!  Thank you again for your hard work, countless late hours and working during the holidays to make this happen.  We truly appreciate it!” -MONA M.

BACKGROUND:   My husband’s 40th!  I wanted a great birthday surprise that was both very memorable and entertaining.  Found old photos that made perfect humoring material.  I also scripted friends to provide some funny material on why my husband was “special” (in other ways, things to make fun of him about).  This video was about 30 minutes long and took approximately 25 hours to complete.  this shortened version will  give you an idea of  how editing, music, comments, special effects and humor can make the most meaningful gift. 

My husband’s words:  “This was the best gift you could have ever given me.”


Looking for something a little more serious?  More elegant?  More simple or more complicated?  No worries.  I’ll gladly work with your style.   I can create custom streaming videos or DVDs for all special occasions like:

  • Graduations:  High School or College
  • Weddings/ Showers
  • Anniversaries
  • Milestone Birthdays: 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, etc.

For more information, contact me, Mridu Parikh, at 615-469-1700 or   No matter where you’re located, I can work remotely and will collaborate via phone or email.


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