Photo Scanning

So Your Memories Can Be Preserved Forever

Photos in boxes, albums or envelopes are not only a source of anxiety in your life but they take up valuable space.  Scanning your photos is a solution to both problems.

Also, do you know that even if your photos are organized they could be getting damaged?  Ever look through an old album only to find yellowed, crumpling photos?  Over time, the acidity in protective covering will literally ruin your pics.

We’re so fortunate to live in the world of digital technology.  I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to get your prints scanned so you can cherish your memories forever.  Let your kids, grand-kids and great grand-kids enjoy your photos.

Digital photos have lots of benefits!  They can be:

  • Saved forever (and passed down for generations)
  • Accessible from any computer (and even cell phones) from anywhere in the world
  • Huge storage savers! They take no physical space
  • Shared with anyone you want
  • Incredibly easy to create memorabilia with

You’re just three simple steps away from enjoying your pics everyday.

Step 1:   Send Me Your Photos and Immediately Gain Peace of Mind.  Ship your photos by a tracked source (UPS, FedX)  (No need to count or sort your photos.  I’ll do it for you).

Step 2:   I Scan, Color Correct and Name All Your Photos.  I rotate and color correct all images. Photos will named based on any events that are marked. For example, “Ireland Summer 1993”

Step 3You View and Enjoy!  I Return Your Originals & A Digital Copy.  You receive all your memories on disc, preserved forever as well as your original photos (Shipped via tracked source)

Scanning Prices

  • Price per scanned photo (300 dpi): $0.20 per photo
  • Price per scanned photo (removal from, and placed back in, album, 300dpi): $0.40 per photo: (All photos will be removed from your album and placed back exactly how it was removed. This does not include photos that are in scrap books that have been taped or glued. This cost is based on photos that are in albums with photo sleeves).

My rates are up to half off the leading online scanning competitor prices. How can I do this?  Because I’m a small business with very limited overhead.  So I can afford to offer services of larger companies, but at a fraction of the cost.

Contact me today at 615.469.1700 or at to discuss your project.  I’d love to help you alleviate this stress and enjoy your memories.

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