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Your photos are videos are your most precious memories. Yet they’re likely the most disorganized and anxiety-causing collections you have. Years, even generations, of memories are shoved in shoe boxes, bins, envelopes, scrapbooks and other unorganized areas.  The thought of organizing them is completely overwhelming.

They’re items you want to share with your kids, grandkids and other people you care about.  And you know if you don’t organize them, they’ll end up in someone’s attic (at best) or even worse, in the trash at some point.

How do I know all this?  Because, like you, I’ve lived this way.

Until I decided that these precious items were a priority for me and I spent a long time researching and figuring out the best way to:

* Organize all my memorabilia (photos, videos, keepsakes) AND
* How to best preserve and share them with my family and friends

And now I’m a woman obsessed.  So there’s no exaggerating when I say I’m passionate about organizing your history.

I’ll work with you to organize your print and digital photo collection as well as all your videos.  Better yet, use me to creatively and hilariously integrate your photos, videos and music so you can relive your favorite memories.  (Check out these samples).

The best part?  My services are available to you no matter where you’re located.  I can work with photos and videos remotely, anywhere in the world.  (Rock on!)

I understand that you’re unique and so is your situation.  So if you don’t see it listed here, it doesn’t mean I can’t do it.  Please contact me and we can discuss your project or situation.

We can sort through your photos together, or you can give me a basic idea of your needs, and I will categorize your pictures and create a photo storage system for you. I’ll use my professional opinion to help you choose which pictures to keep and which to toss. (Trust me, it’s a lot easier with a subjective eye). Photos in boxes, closets or old albums? Here’s how I can help you get organized:

  • Retrieve your entire photo collection
    • From boxes, albums/scrapbooks, computers, cameras, frames, drawers
  • Develop your undeveloped rolls of film
  • Purchase photo-safe storage containers so your photos don’t discolor
  • Organize your entire photo collection
    • By Date, By Event, By Person, etc.

Once we’ve organized your photos, I can scan them so your memories are preserved forever. (How cool would it be to view all your childhood pictures right on your phone!) Plus, you’ll never have to worry about your photos yellowing, getting destroyed or being thrown out. Want more information on the benefits of scanning? Read here.

Once your photos are scanned, I can then create custom, unique photo albums for you, (traditional scrapbooks or digital albums).  Memory books rock. They’re a creative and fun way to capture special moments. They’re also make some of the most appreciated and meaningful gifts. Wanna be a rockstar to someone special in your life?  A personalized memory book is your ticket.

Need help with the transition from traditional to digital photos?  (This stuff can be so confusing!) I can help you with questions like:

  • How do I transfer digital photos from my camera to my computer?
  • How do I print or email photos from my computer?
  • How do I find, sort, and rename images?
  • How do I edit my pictures?
  • How do I back up my photos?

Have tons of photos on your computer but can’t find the one you want when you want it? Can anything be more annoying?? What if your computer crashed and you lost all your photos? What a nightmare! But you know it can happen.  I can help:

  • Upload photos onto your computer
  • Organize your entire photo collection digitally
  • Scan your photos and get them on your computer, back-up drive or CD-ROM
  • Back up all your photos (so you never lose them!)
  • “Tag” and “Rate” your photos for search and filtering
  • Create digital photo books and memorabilia  (MY MOST POPULAR SERVICE)
  • Upload photos to an online photo service for storage and sharing

In addition to creating thoughtfully designed, personalized photo books (see above), I can make other memorable and creative memorabilia, for yourself or to gift, including:

If you’re interested in any of these services or other photo needs, contact me.
Call Mridu Parikh, at 615-469-1700 or email at m@memoriesorganized. com

What Clients Say:

About Videos: “Mridu, you did an outstanding job creating my husband’s 40th birthday montage.  It far exceeded all my expectations.  You were able to create a hilarious video that we played at the birthday party in front of 100 people and every single person was glued to the projector screen.  People are still talking about the video months later.  Thank you, Mridu, for making my husband’s birthday party so memorable.  -MONA M.
About Home Organization: “Thanks again for helping last week! The laundry room is so much better and my paper problems have been solved by that filing system!” -ANNE F.
About Closets: “I am so grateful for Mridu’s help with organizing our closets and dressers.  As we were expecting a baby and needed to make room for her, our old 1920’s home just didn’t have the closet space for everything we had.  Mridu had such wonderful ideas I had never thought about before.” -EMILY E.

About Organizing Photos: “Our family is obsessed with the new digital pics. My kids had never seen my baby pictures before. It was a trip.” -KIRK G.
About Clearing Paper: “The filing system by the back door is great—rocking my world!” -PEPPER M.



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