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PROJECT GARAGE: This garage has great space but with three kids, lots of toys, bikes, swim gear, camping equipment and a new move, it was chaotic. Kids (and mom and dad) used it as a “dumping ground” and everyone had to dig through boxes or clutter to find what they wanted. By clearing old items and effectively utilizing storage space, we were able to provide an organized system where everyone had access to their stuff, as well as have ample room to play indoors for those rainy days.


Garage OrganizationGarage Organization



Garage OrganizationGarage OrganizationGarage Organization

PROJECT LAUNDRY ROOM: Like many homes, this laundry room serves as more than just that; also the mud room, mail room and general storage area. With all these different needs clutter piles up quickly. We worked together to create convenient, separate areas that served everyone in the family. The room is now better utilized, more accessible and runs much more efficiently…so doing laundry is actually more enjoyable!


Laundry Room OrganizingOrganize Laundry RoomLaundry Room Organizers


Organized Laundry RoomLaundry Room Organizers

PROJECT PHOTOS: This family had tons of photos; in albums and in many boxes. Collected over two generations, their photos were yellowing, albums were falling apart, pictures were scattered and the “photo project” seemed overwhelming. After removing all their photos from albums and organizing the other ones, I scanned all of them so they were digital. Lastly I downloaded the photos on my clients computer (all named and dated), and backed them up to a hard drive. This family now has their entire photo collection at their fingertips; right on their computer as well as on their phone.


Photo OrganizerPHOTOS AFTER

Photo Organizer

All photos have been scanned and are on an external hard-drive!

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