I’d love to speak at your next get together or event.  And trust me, I can talk!

Are you looking for a great benefit for your workplace, school, moms group, church, school or book club?  Enjoy a session where you’ll have fun and walk away with valuable and actionable steps to getting more organized.

I can speak on several organizing topics, or if you prefer, I can customize my sessions to your organization’s needs. Choose one of the following workshops. For more information, or to book your workshop, contact Mridu at 615-469-1700 or email at mridu@memoriesorganized.com

  • How To Get Organized, Immediately

    • Why getting organized can drastically improve your life…overnight!
    • Where and how to start de-cluttering
    • The best strategies for sorting and purging
  • Get Your Home (And Family!) Organized Forever
    • Secrets to getting and staying organized
    • Organizing tips and techniques that will change your life
    • How to get your whole family to follow your organizational systems
  • Find More Time For The Things You Love To Do
    • How to use simple technology to get more things done, in less time
    • Find any paper you need in under two minutes
    • Create schedules that you can stick to
  • How to Get Your Photos Organized
    • Why organizing your photos is critical for you and your family
    • How to get your photo project organized
    • How to tame the photo beast (purging techniques!)
    • Create a fast and manageable organizing system for all your photos

Some of my past speaking engagements include:

  • Julia Green Elementary School
    • Principal, Robin Cayce said:  “Whew!  What a relief!  Mridu’s sessions for our parents helped us all realize that even with the hectic pace of today’s world, we can stay organized and on track.  Sharing ways for the eye of the storm to be that haven of home, Mridu offered suggestions on ways to get a grip on everything from graded papers coming home in student folders to how to create behavior goals for children at home!  An evening well spent!”

  • Breakfast Club of Nashville
    • Club Member, Nancy C. said: “I loved your presentation and your ideas. I think I’ve shared some of your suggestions and your name with about 3 people already. They were very appreciative.”   (This was sent the day after my presentation)
  • Hillwood Highschool
  • Master Gardener’s Club

Please contact me for availability.

615-469-1700 or mridu@memoriesorganized.com

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