Virtual Organization

Looking for organizing services, but don’t live in the Nashville area?  No worries, there are simple, virtual ways we can work together.

Home Organizing:  Our initial consultation would be over the phone or Skype. I want to hear what’s driving you nuts and what your goals are. And I’ll give you my thoughts on how to get the results you want. If we decide we’re a good fit, we’ll schedule a weekly session. (That’s so organized of us!)

You’ll then send me pictures of the specific spaces you’d like to organize. We’ll chat once a week to discuss the goals we set the prior week, your progress and finally a plan for the upcoming week.  Although you will have weekly homework, I’ll be there as your coach, motivator and cheerleader!

Photo Organizing: There are several ways we can work together on your photos, no matter where you’re located. Depending on the project, here are some options:

  • Prints: Mail me your photos…it’s that simple.  Put them in a box and send them by a source that can be tracked (like UPS or FedEx). I can sort or scan them, or make photobooks, depending on your needs (see Photo Services for more information).
  • Digital Photos – 3 options:

    1. Put your photos on a backup or flash drive and mail it to me, or
    2. Grant me access to your computer via LogMeIn (contact me for more information on this secure option), or
    3. If your photos are on Picasa, Shutterfly or another online photo site, you may grant me access and I can work my magic from home!

For more information or to schedule a virtual organizing session, contact me at or (615) 469-1700

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